• The Quality Time Project

    18 julio, 2019 por

    In the 21st century,  global values include different kinds of thinking. Science involves asking a lot of «why» and «how» questions.  Why does it rain?  Why can’t animals speak English? How does a cat jump? How do airplanes stay up? Technology and engineering are all about «what if» thinking.  What if I take out this… Leer más

  • Love and Logic: Back to the Future

    29 noviembre, 2019 por

    We watched Back to the Future on my birthday because… well, do I really need a reason? The plot gave me an idea for a simple game: Child travels back in time and she has to convince Mom and Daddy to make the right decisions so that she can be born.  In the movie, Marty… Leer más

  • World on the Weekend: Thailand

    29 noviembre, 2019 por

    INTRODUCTION I visited Thailand in 2000, literally spending New Year’s Eve there at the turn of this century.  Though I spent most of my time doing a course for English teachers in Bangkok, I did take the opportunity to travel around when I had the time.  Some parts of the country were as noisy and… Leer más

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