Love and Logic: Back to the Future

We watched Back to the Future on my birthday because… well, do I really need a reason?

The plot gave me an idea for a simple game: Child travels back in time and she has to convince Mom and Daddy to make the right decisions so that she can be born.  In the movie, Marty has to convince his mom and dad to get together before he disappears from the family photo.  So, I wrote down Child’s name (3 letters, though your child’s name may be longer) and made the 5 cards below.  The aim was to try and get the card with the date of Child’s birth before all of the letters in her name got erased.

Example timeline cards

November 1997:

Daddy starts working in the jungle. 


Daddy decides to work in his uncle’s garage

October 2001:

Mom comes to Ecuador. 


Mom is thinking of accepting a job in India

January 2002:

Mom decides to go to the jungle on vacation.         


Mom goes to the beach

December 2007:

Daddy and Mom decide to get married.


Daddy and Mom break up.

June 2012:

Child is born

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