Love and Logic: Dukes of Hazzard

Husband has always liked the show “The Dukes of Hazzard”.  I realise it’s not the most PC of shows, but he’s not American and doesn’t really carry that baggage.  He just likes the car chases.

As part of my hobby/research, I’ve been having immense fun working my way through an amazing book called Challenges for Games Designers: Non-Digital Exercises for Video Game Designers by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber.  I found one that suggested using the Dukes of Hazzard brand to create a monopoly game.  I didn’t exactly end up doing that because I couldn’t really see Bo and Luke buying up property. 

Instead, I wanted to practice adding and subtracting to 20 with Child, so I came up with the basic mechanic of rolling a single die and running around the circle to find the sum or difference.  

Then I thought about the characters: Bo and Luke would be trying to sell moonshine and Hogg would be doing something nasty to make money like repossessing houses.  They’re both doing illegal things so if they run into each other they both get caught for their crimes.

I’ve made two versions of this game.

For the plain math game, you’ll need cards marked 1-20 placed around the perimeter of a table in random order.

Choose a number to start on.  Each player rolls a die and decides whether to add it to or subtract it from the number at their position.  Do the calculation and run to the next number.  The game ends when both players land on the same square and “catch” each other.

For the storied version, you will also need the following pieces: 20 houses (monopoly houses work), 20 pennies and twenty bottles (use small toothpicks or “men” from another game).  It’s fun if you use toy cars as avatars, in the spirit of the show.

Put numbers 1-20 on cards and place them  in random order around the perimeter of a table.  Place one card marked Daisy and another marked Roscoe in the center. Each numbered card has a house and a penny.  To move, the characters roll a die and add or subtract from their current number and go to that card.

The players play on two teams: Luke and Bo Duke on one and Hogg and Enos on the other.  Each team chooses any number as a starting point.

When the player(s) in the role of Luke and Bo Duke land on a square, they leave a bottle and take the penny. If they land on Daisy (rolling a 6), they leave their bottles and pennies safely.  If they land on Roscoe (rolling a 1) they lose their bottles and pennies.

When Hogg lands on a square, he takes the house.  If he lands on Roscoe he leaves his houses safely, if he lands on Daisy he has to give her the houses he has taken to that point.

The game ends when they land on same square and catch each other.


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