Love&Logic: Silly cards

This summer a friend bought my daughter a deck of cards where each card has a picture of someone doing something silly such as making funny faces or saying “meow”. This is excellent to keep handy for otherwise fairly “boring” or repetitive math tasks such as the one below. You can easily make your own deck, and in fact you can help a struggling reader by having instructions on cards (ex: “Say meow”) rather than pictures.

This activity will help children understand place value and the order of higher numbers in the hundreds, thousands and so on.

The first player rolls 3 or four ordinary dice and arranges them to make the highest possible number (so if you roll 4,3,6,and 9, your number can be 9643). The second player does the same. if there are other players, you can go around the circle. Feel free to help each other organise the dice into numbers. Whoever ends up with the lowest number has to draw a card from the “silly” deck and perform the action.

Alternatively, you can make it a more co-operative game. You and your child can roll the dice together to get the first number. Then you roll the dice together again. If the second number is lower than the first, you both have to perform the action from the “silly” deck card. Keep playing until your child gets bored.


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