About us

This blog is based on an honest assessment of what I have done with my own child.  A bit of background is therefore in  order.

I am a Canadian married to an Ecuadorian.  We live in a rural suburb of Quito and we homeschool our only daughter who was 6 years old when this project began.  My husband is a tour guide in the Amazon rainforest which means that he is often away for weeks at a time, though  a devoted househusband and father when he is in town.  I am a full time university professor.  We are mainly unschoolers in the sense that our daughter spends much of her time helping her father or babysitter with ordinary chores such as gardening, cooking, mechanics and maintenance of the car and the house, and looking after our animals.  I spend an hour every weekday as well as Saturday reading with her and playing math games.  She does ballet, swimming and gymnastics and we make sure to spend time with friends. Sundays, however, are, as often as possible, special time for me to spend with my daughter (and husband as well if he’s around) and this blog was born from the idea that I wanted to share my love of world history, geography, culture, literature, science, art, dance, music and food with her.  I consider myself well-read and well-traveled and I am a great believer in world citizenship and the values we associate with it such as tolerance, respect and empathy.  I also believe that education should inspire creativity and curiosity and encourage us to follow our own path in whatever we choose to do in life.

This blog represents an experiment in progress, one that I wanted to share with all like-minded parents in the hopes that we may combine ideas and increase the wealth of options from which we can select in order to make our own global journey with our children from the comfort and safety of our very own living room.


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